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RS Flight Systems GmbH


RS Flight Systems GmbH is a reliable business partner for the support, implementation and follow-up of flight testing and flight data acquisition. The product portfolio is further complemented by the development and manufacturing of avionics products for general aviation.


Maximilian Rommel

Chief Executive Officer

Maximilian Rommel is an entrepreneur and aerospace engineer. Besides his technical expertise he is specialized in lean management and project management. He is a passionate glider and motor glider pilot. Driven by his dedication towards aviation, he joint Reiser Simulation and Training as a deputy head of development after working in the automotive sector. Since 2018 he is CEO of RS Flight Systems with the vision of making the company a key partner for every aviation customer by realizing their concepts and ideas.

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Regine Pattermann

Head of Flight Test

As a M.Sc. aeronautic engineer and glider pilot Regine Pattermann is head of flight test at RS Flight Systems. With participating and leading flight test campaigns for different types and purpose i.e. on an AW169 and a Bf 109 G12, she contributes a wide range of experience in testing. She has more than 80 hours as a flight test engineer on board. Before joining the team she worked as a systems engineer at Reiser Simulation and Training.

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Dr. Matthias Weinzierl

Head of General Aviation

Matthias Weinzierl is the manager responsible for the general aviation division of RS Flight Systems. In this role he leads the development and the marketing of avionic systems such as the Engine Management Unit 912iS for BRP Rotax aircraft engines. Before joining the team, he served as a research associate at the Institute of Lightweight Structures at Technical University of Munich. He has a Master of Science in engineering (M.Sc.) as well as a PhD (Dr.-Ing.). Further, he is a flight instructor and a flight examiner.

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Michael Stock

Senior Flight Test Engineer and Co-founder

Michael Stock is a European and US private pilot, flight test engineer and a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) and the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE). He has worked for Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm and Eurocopter, and is the founder of Stock Flight Systems and a co-founder of RS Flight Systems.

Wolfgang Reiser


In 1988 Wolfgang Reiser has founded the Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH. He is member of the supervisory council and co-founder of the RS Flight Systems. He is a passionate private pilot for land and sea planes and owner of a Searey and an Aircam, which is currently under construction at RS Flight Systems.


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