Flight Test

RS Flight Systems GmbH

Flight Test Campaigns

RS Flight Systems accompanies campaigns for the purpose of aircraft certification. We support with know-how in defining a flight test program as well as the conduction of the campaign. Our high fidelity flight test instrumentation provides data that can be quickly analysed and used i.e. as input for flight manuals. Advanced tools combined with experience in data analysis speed up projects significantly.

Flight Data Gathering

For the purpose of simulator development own flight data gathering brings high value into the process of development. The flight test instrumentation is adapted to the specific requirements of quality of data that is used for modelling and as validation data. RS Flight Systems has an experienced team of flight test engineers for fixed wing and rotary wing, who deliver the data package of your needs.

Flight Test Instrumentation

High quality sensors and recorders create our flight test instrumentation. The modular system is CANaerospace based and can be assembled adjusted to the customer’s needs. All components are small and can be easily installed on any type of aircraft. A standard system includes an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a pitot-static tube with integrated angle of attack as well as angle of sideslip measurement and control position pick-off sensors. Contact us for an offer or see our online shop for single components.