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anemoi: partnership with Ülis Segelflugbedarf

RS Flight Systems GmbH has teamed up with Ülis Segelflugbedarf GmbH for the distribution of the brand-new anemoi wind indication system.

Anemoi is a real-time wind indication system developed for glider pilots. The system consists of two units: A sensor unit and a display unit. The sensor unit comprises three measurement modules: A high-precision 3-axis inertial sensor, an absolute pressure sensor and a differential pressure sensor. For GPS input an existing NMEA source can be plugged in, or a stand-alone GPS receiver can be connected. Two display units can be used in parallel to provide wind information also in double seaters. The display unit comprises a very bright 1.3” OLED display for perfect readability in full sunlight. With the compact dimensions of 44 x 30 mm, the anemoi display can be installed in almost every instrument panel.

RS Flight Systems teams up with Ülis Segelflugbedarf for the anemoi wind indication system

The software with the 14-dimensional Kalmanfilter was developed over the last years by glider pilot and flight dynamics specialist Benjamin Bachmaier. The unique algorithm leads to highest accuracy and a new dimension of real-time wind information for glider pilots.

RS Flight Systems GmbH conducted the serial development and the batch production of the anemoi. The RS Flight Systems team consists of a young group of engineers, all having pilot licenses and long-term experience in mountain flying, knowing the great advantage of a live wind indication especially in slope and wave conditions. RS Flight Systems is a reliable business partner for the support, implementation and follow-up of flight testing and flight data acquisition. Their product portfolio is further complemented by the development and manufacturing of avionics products for general aviation.

Sales of the anemoi will start in the next weeks

Ülis Segelflugbedarf GmbH, founded in Munich in 1993, is known in the German and European gliding scene as a competent and reliable specialist supplier. The company is Europe's largest specialist supplier of gliding equipment, with all common products available from stock, from the instrument screw to the test parachute for the seat test and transponders including accessories. Owner Üli and her husband Marcus (both German engineers) have several thousand hours of gliding experience and have flown many competitions. Thus, competent, and practical advice about the right choice of instruments for the glider is one of the strengths of the company. They give a great support for all their products via e-mail and phone and will assist the customers of the anemoi.

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