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H145D3 Flight Training Device (FTD3) to Enhance Pilot and Crew Training in the UK

RS Flight Systems has been selected by Starspeed Training Ltd., UK, to provide the latest version of the H145D3 FTD3 F-light Line Training Device.

Sally Jones, Director Starspeed and Group CFO and Maximilian Rommel, CEO RS Flight Systems GmbH

Starspeed ATO (Authorised Training Organisation) has a proven track record in helicopter training for all pilots for more than a decade. After a comprehensive market analysis, Starspeed selected the F-light Line to enhance its pilot training programmes and provide students with a more immersive learning experience.

“This leading-edge technology is set to revolutionise pilot training”, says Luxaviation CEO Patrick Hansen.

“F-light Line H145D3 FTD3 is equipped with leading-edge technology that replicates real flight scenarios and provides a realistic experience for pilots to practice and perfect their flying skills. It comes with advanced features, including a cockpit simulator, flight dynamics, and (original GARMIN®) navigation systems, allowing pilots to train in a safe and controlled environment,” states Maximilian Rommel, RS Flight Systems CEO.

F-Light Line H145D3 FTD3

“The modular trainer is powered by REISER’s Level D Full-Flight Simulation software to guarantee the highest fidelity of flight model and avionics replication,” adds Dr. Roman Sperl, CEO Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH. “We are proud to have found the right partner in RS Flight Systems and look forward to expand our cooperation in the future.”

“Starspeed Training is renowned for delivering the very best advanced helicopter pilot training. Not only will implementing the new F-light Line Training Device enhance our training capabilities for our trainee helicopter pilots, through real-life flight simulation experiences, it will further allow us to extend the reach of our services and welcome new customers. Whether an experienced HEMS pilot or first-time civilian flyer, we look forward to experiencing the enhanced capability of the new device,” says Steve Godfrey, Head of Training at Starspeed Training Limited. “Our commitment to delivering quality for our diverse range of customers is at the core of Starspeed’s ethos and is an extension of the values at Luxaviation Group in which we operate.”

F-light Line H145D3 FTD3 is scheduled to go in operation in Q2 2024 at Starspeed Training at Kemble Aerodrome, Gloucestershire, UK.

About RS Flight Systems: RS Flight Systems is a leading provider of aviation training solutions that offer cutting-edge technology to enhance pilot training. With years of experience in the aviation industry, we strive to provide innovative solutions to make flying safer and more accessible.

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About Starspeed Training: Starspeed Training has been providing training for qualified helicopter pilots since 2011. Its instructor team has an impressive history of both civilian and military flying, with extensive experience of flying in adverse weather conditions and challenging environments. The training school is based at Kemble Aerodrome in Gloucestershire.

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