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Flight Test Campaigns

RS Flight Systems accompanies campaigns for the purpose of aircraft certification. We give support with our know-how in defining a flight test program as well as in conducting the campaign. Our high fidelity flight test instrumentation provides data that can be quickly analysed and used e.g. as input for flight manuals. Projects can be sped up significantly by our advanced tools combined with our experience in data analysis.


Flight Data Acquisition

For the purpose of simulator development our own flight data acquisition brings high value into the process of development. The flight test instrumentation is adapted to the specific requirements for quality of data that is used for modelling and as validation data. RS Flight Systems has an experienced team of flight test engineers for fixed wing and rotary wing, who deliver the data package of your needs.


Noise certificate 

RS Flight Systems offers the complete service for aircraft noise certificates. With its certified noise measurement RS Flight Systems is able to perform noise measurement for EASA, LBA, DULV and DAeC certifications.


Vibration Measurement

High quality equipment to measure vibrations on aircraft or helicopters allows the user to gather reliable data as needed in the design process. The device offers live FFT plotting during the measurement and detailed analysis in data post-processing.

  • 6 hr

    1500 - 1800 EUR
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