EMU for BRP Rotax engines

RS Flight Systems provides Engine Management Units (EMU) for BRP Rotax engines. The EMU 9xiS is a state-of-the-art device developed to work hand in hand with the BRP Rotax 912iS and 915iS engines. It is directly connected to the both CANaerospace network buses of the Rotax Engine Control Unit (ECU) and works in full redundancy. All sensor data of the engine are displayed on the screen, bright and easy to read.


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Single Lever Power Control

An option of the EMU 9xiS and the SCU 9iS is the Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) function. 

  • Automatic real time inflight propeller pitch adjustment for Rotax iS driven aircraft

  • Easy handling of a fixed pitch propeller combined with the performance of a constant speed-propeller


  • Better performance

  • Higher efficiency

  • Lower complexity

  • Lower workload

  • 100 % fail-safety

  • Simple integration

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Customized Avionic Development

RS Flight Systems develops customized Avionics for our customers. Some examples are:                         Fly by wire control sticks / ACDC generator controllers / Primary Flight Displays with integration of flight test Instrumentation / LIDAR radar altitude meters / Propeller synchrophaser systems / Modular flight test instrumentation devices based on CANaerospace

Modular FTI.png

Flight Test Instrumentation

Our flight test instrumentation is created by high quality sensors and recorders. The modular system is CANaerospace based and can be assembled in accordance with the customer's needs. All components are small and can be easily installed on any type of aircraft. A standard system includes an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a pitot-static tube with integrated angle of attack as well as angle of sideslip measurement, and control position pick-off sensors. Contact us for an offer or see our online shop for single components.