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New development: Wind indicator for sailplanes and light aircraft

RS Flight Systems GmbH and Benjamin Bachmaier announce their partnership for the anemoi wind indicator instrument

RS Flight Systems is proud to announce a partnership for the development and production of an innovative cockpit instrument for light aircraft and especially tailored for glider pilots: The „anemoi“ live wind indicator.

„anemoi“ is an instrument originally designed, prototyped and tested by glider pilot and flight dynamics engineer Benjamin Bachmaier. He developed the instrument as one of very few devices so far which are capable of calculating and displaying the wind vector on light airplanes in near-real-time, using a combination of inertial, pressure and GNSS measurements and mathematical technologies such as a specially tailored Kalman Filter.

The instrument, named after the ancient Greek wind gods (as a group named the „anemoi“), shows the wind speed and direction relative to the aircraft on the main page. The second page is an additional safety feature: it displays an artificial horizon (AHRS) as an additional aid to the pilot’s situational awareness, especially in emergency situations with unexpectedly degraded visual conditions – a life saver in the event of otherwise inescapable situations. The third display page of the „anemoi“ system displays additional flight data available within the system, such as True Airspeed, Outside Air Temperature, and QNE Altitude (FL).

„anemoi“ consists of a sensor box with an integrated inertial measurement unit, pitot and static pressure inputs, and an RJ45 input for GPS data (e.g. to be connected to Flarm, or any other NMEA data source). The sensor box is connected to one or more external 1.3“ displays, which can be mounted anywhere in the instrument panel (no cut-out required).

„Knowing the wind and observing its changes in real time is an important key information in the cockpit for every glider pilot – both in competitive and leisure flying“, says Benjamin Bachmaier, an experienced glider pilot, flight instructor and flight dynamics and controls engineer. Matthias Weinzierl, CTO of RS Flight Systems, adds: „We are convinced that with the development of anemoi, we will be able to provide one of the most useful cockpit add-ons that a glider pilot can have. It will be able to improve both flight safety and performance.“

Maximilian Rommel, CEO of RS Flight Systems, is also looking forward to the collaboration: „With the expertise of both sides – Benjamin’s experience with mathematics and flight dynamics, and our professional capabilities in avionics design and production – we are really excited about working together.“

„anemoi“ will be available by RS Flight Systems starting in Fall 2021 – watch this site for updates or visit Benjamin’s Site for more technical background about the development:

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