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Startpower Relay Kit

Relay for automatic Startpower function of the EMU / SCU. Incl. Harness. Length 6 ft.


In order to improve the aircraft handling during the engine start process, the EMU provides a switch function which accomplishes automatic start power using the Start Power Relay Set. This relay is activated as soon as the EMU is powered up (below 1 sec.) and remains activated until the engine reaches 1500 rpm for the first time. As soon as this happens, the relay is deactivated and is never activated again, until the EMU is turned off. Using this function, engine start can be commanded through a Start Key Switch, whose START position is spring-loaded.

Startpower Relay Kit

SKU: 10-110
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Harness Length: 6.5 ft.

    Weight: 0,1 kg

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