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RS Flight Systems GmbH is a reliable business partner for the support, implementation and follow-up of flight testing and flight data acquisition. The product portfolio is further complemented by the development and manufacturing of avionics products for general aviation and flight test equipment.


iS Control Panel

by Dr. Matthias Weinzierl

We wish you a Happy New Year! The new year started with the serial production of our brand new iS Testbox. For it we have enhanced our production facilities with new rooms and labs! The HIC-A/B wires for the Rotax ECU are already finished and the complete batch will be delivered in the next weeks.

FW 190 A8 Flight Testing

by Regine Pattermann

See how relaxed our test pilot is getting out of the cockpit? We are happy to support him during his difficult task with our flight test instrumentation, that makes it just so much easier to analyse and discuss all flights. That way our team out of manufacturer, pilot and engineers really understands the flight mechanics […]

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